About Me

stirring sh*t up in Myanmar.

stirring sh*t up in Myanmar.

Hi!  Welcome to A Woman Who Eats.  I’m Maddy (one of many women who eat).  I’m a lover of goat cheese, feeding my friends, caramelized onions, and eating ice cream out of the container.

I was raised in North Carolina by a Californian father who taught me to love tacos, and a mother from Indiana who taught me to love ice cream (hard lessons to learn, I know).  I spent high school at a boarding school near Philadelphia, learning about WaWa and water ice and also useless things like statistics and physics.  

I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I double-majored in American Studies (totally a real major) and Food Studies (85% real major) and minored in Journalism. I wrote my honors thesis about barbecue and the American South.

I now live in Birmingham, Alabama where I work at Food & Wine magazine.

I think about food, like, most of the time. People also me a lot of questions about it, so I’ve started answering those questions here. People ask me stuff like “What tools should I buy for my first kitchen?” or “Where should I eat in Raleigh with my 4 sisters?” If you have a questions, email me at maddy@awomanwhoeats.com or send me an Instagram message.