July Obsessions

Another month, another list of things I've been obsessing about.  July went fast, didn't it?  Is it lame that every single month I write that the month went quickly?  Would you like me to stop?  Hit me up.

I've got just under one month of summer left.  Somehow, again, I haven't made any of my summer dreams come to fruition. For some reason, I'm concentrating a lot of my summer wonder in August, even though it is kind of my least favorite month.  I'm going to Asheville for a week with my family - anyone got any tips?  I'm also hoping to take advantage of the rooftop pool and lounge at The Unscripted Hotel in Durham.

Fisherman.  Looking forward to sharing more of this project.

Fisherman.  Looking forward to sharing more of this project.

July was a month of work.  I spent 5 days driving down the Outer Banks of North Carolina, collecting stories of fishermen for Locals Seafood. They're an amazing seafood company and you should check them out. I've got some great recipes in the works that I have developed for them which I will *obviously* let you know about.  I also started working at my favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill, Pizzeria Mercato.  In between all that, I managed to do some online reading that I'm excited to share with y'all!

Fish taco break time.

Fish taco break time.

I wrote this article which was published in Indy Week.  It connects perfectly to this podcast on the New York Times about who has the right to make barbecue.  I do love to talk and think about smoked meat.  BRB got to go write my thesis.

10 Online Specialty Stores and What to buy from them.  Tortillas?  Calabrian chilis?  Grits?  Yep.

Very helpful key action points for shopping mindfully (both for the health of your body and the health of the planet!). It's a win-win.

Once you've bought that food, here's how to store it so it lasts longer.

Last week, I wrote about the equation for perfect fried rice because so many of my friends seem to think they can't cook.  If you're just starting out cooking for yourself, here's a really helpful reflection on one person's guide to stocking their fridge for only one person.

Have a great week.  See you in August!