April Obsessions

Hey, y'all!   Last month I did a post that I called Good/Food, where I discussed people and places that are doing good with food.  I'm expanding that into what will be a monthly post about the Internet things I'm really excited about from the past month.

1)  I love, love, love this personal essay/article by Victoria Bouloubasis about the importance of immigrants in the restaurant industry.

2). I'm so excited to check out some of these spots from Jessamyn Stanley's Durham tour.  Trying to apply the study abroad mentality to home.  Do you ever go on vacation in your hometown?

3). Last week I talked about my experience at Gaggan, which is #7 on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List.  It was weird, fascinating, and made me think about other amazing restaurants I've been to.  Eater's article on what's wrong with the list gets to the core of it.

4)  If you're interested in reading about the female experience of chefdom, check out Skirt Steak, which features tons of amazing chefs who are also women.

5). Have you ever heard of The Sporkful?  It's not for foodies, it's for eaters.  I love that they talk about food like it is super serious when, mostly it isn't.  Listen/laugh/learn.

6) I HATE trying to spread cold butter on my toast.  I've recently become obsessed with this French butter keeper from Food52.  I showed it to my friend who made fun of it until she saw it and then she was like "Yeah I need one of those, too."  What is your favorite kitchen utensil?

7) The Struggles of Writing abut Chinese Food as a Chinese Person. "Imagine if a hipster white chef started making pasta and enhanced it with salt bushes in the Mojave desert. He'd receive a roaring, standing applause and a string of awards. Chinese people have been doing the equivalent of that for centuries."

8) I love this post on How to Be Alone, but I love the comment section even more.  More thoughts on solitude here.

9) Olive oil is confusing to me as a budget-y home cook.  This guide is demystifying.

10) I'm very into this new website from Anthony Bourdain/his people.  Using this post as inspiration for my upcoming trip to Vietnam.