Hello again.


It's been a long time.  How are you doing?  I'm doing ok.  It's been almost a year since I have made a peep on here and I'm ready to be back. Have you ever eaten too much pineapple and it burns the inside of your mouth and then you have to swear off pineapple for a while?  That's kind of what happened with me and this Internet corner. 

It's been a crazy year!  I wrote an honors thesis!  I graduated college!  I got a job! (At Food & Wine magazine.)  I moved! (To Birmingham, Alabama where the magazine is headquartered.)  I'm having a panic attack now just looking at that list! Whatever!

I want to tell the Internet about all of this, though. Part of the reason I took a break was that I've been a little frozen by the knowledge that there are just SO MANY voices out there talking about food.  As I was working on my thesis I went back and forth between feeling comforted and buoyed by that community and feeling like I couldn't say anything at all if I didn't have an unique point of view. That anxiety definitely infiltrated this space - I have often felt embarrassed about this website because I worry that I'm such a cliche - a girl with a blog about food and nothing original to say at all.

I think I let that anxiety overtake my natural urges to write the way I talk, and to talk about food.  I'm learning that I have so much to learn and I want to use this space to process some of my learning.

I get asked a lot of questions about food - via text and email and Instagram and on the phone with friends and family members. I love answering these questions - talking about food is my actual favorite pastime, so it brings me great joy to be able to share all this information I have swimming around in my head!

Do you have a question? A few examples of questions I’ve been tackling include -

  • How do I roast vegetables?

  • Why did my broiler set my salmon on fire?

  • What sauces can I put on my standard grain/vegetable bowl that I eat every day that will make it taste better?

  • What pans should I buy to outfit my kitchen?

  • Where should I go to dinner in Raleigh with my sisters? (Hey, mom.)

As you can see I am happy to share my strong and completely biased opinions about everything related to food! If you have a question, please text me. Let’s be real, you probably have my number. If you don’t, you can email me (maddy@awomanwhoeats.com) or comment below, or send me an instagram message.

For now though, I'm just saying hello, again. Let's call this a clean slate, like my new little kitchen in my sweet, southern apartment.