AWWE Turns 2!

Dang guys.  As of like a week ago (oops) I've been doing this blog for two years.  I realize that two years isn't actually all that long, but when I started this blog doing it for even just one year felt like a crazy and semi-impossible feat.  I had a strong sense that I was someone who had a lot of trouble following through on the things, and I wasn't sure I had the conviction to do a long-term project like this, especially since it was self-imposed.

It has turned out to be a wonderful outlet - sometimes stressful but mostly I love coming to this space and spending a bit of time with all of you.  It means an awful lot to me that any of you people read what I have to say on here.  Please know that any amount of time you spent with me is time I am deeply grateful that you share with me.

Here are a couple of the posts that people have reacted to the most, or that I have loved the most, or that were particularly delicious.  What would you like to see more of? Less of?  What's going on in your head?

noodles are always involved on this website

noodles are always involved on this website

How I Balance My Relationship with Food

tbh this is one of my favorite things I've ever written.  See below:

Sometimes I feel myself slipping into a constant craze of worry about what I'm eating, how much I weigh, and whether I'm pretty enough to be allowed to exist.  When that happens, I try to check myself, slap my thick thighs together and go out into the world and make a fuss, because I am worthy of the space I take up and the pasta that I eat.

Sweet Potato Farro Risotto

My roommate asks me how to make this probably once a month - she always makes me look it up and email it to her.  It is worth it because she always gives me some.  If Leah likes it, that means you should also make it.


Summer of Meat Sweats

Basically my thesis proposal Pt. 1, but less well edited (sorry) and more fun to read.


Fried Lemon Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara is my favorite food and the fried lemons in the recipe makes it super special and delicious.


Lemon Cake for the Dead of Winter

Bright, electric lemon cake is perfect for the winter blues but will actually cure any number of ills.  I love cake (for real it is underrated) and this is one of my all-time favorites.  Some have called it an improved version of Starbucks lemon loaf...


Red Wine Brownies for Anamarie

I stand by all of the emotions in this post.  These brownies are still in my regular rotation and I'm proud to say that people often tell me how impressed they are that I can make such good brownies so fast.  That's my superpower.


Cheeto Fried Chicken

A lot of people tried to shame me for this recipe but I stand by the fact that trash food is delicious and everyone should eat it sometimes, whatever their fancy might be.