My dad has stolen a lot of weird phrases from children's books.  There was some book we read when I was little where the father character would always say "I do like a pork chop." 

I would like to tell you guys that I DO like a BLT.  There are some things that don't need improving, and you could definitely make the argument that a BLT is one of those things.  But if you wanted to make that argument to me I would tell you that the simpler a food is, the more important the ingredients are.  Thus, the GLT or Guanciale Lettuce Tomato, is born.

By this point in the summer you've probably eaten a fair share of fresh tomatoes and you might be tired of them.  I mean, I hope not, but it is possible that you're in need of a new way to shovel as many 'maters as humanly possible into your mouth.

good lettuce and good bread are the groundwork of a good BLT.

good lettuce and good bread are the groundwork of a good BLT.

Since we're talking about this on the second day of my (hopefully) last year of college, I feel like it's also useful to mention that GLTs make a great to-go lunch, but I do recommend that you assemble right before eating otherwise you're going to end up with a sogfest, which is almost as bad as a sobfest.

yup yup yup.

yup yup yup.

As I mentioned, ingredients are important here, so I'll tell you that I bought my guanciale from Cane Creek Farm, AKA Left Bank Butchery, AKA the really cool meat trailer at the Carrboro Farmer's Market.  You can also make the scenic voyage to Saxapahaw, NC to buy right from the Butcher's shop.  I've also sometime bee able to find guanciale at Weaver Street Market and other speciality grocers.


GLT - Guanciale, Lettuce, Tomato

Fry 8 slices of guanciale in a pan.  Place them in the pan as soon as you turn it on and let them cook slowly until they are just crispy.  Remove them from heat and discard the oil or keep it for another purpose (Fried Lemon Pasta Carbonara!)

Lay out 4 slices of good bread - I used wheat, but some people like a really soft white bread.  I didn't toast, but my mom will probably call and yell at me about that later.  Toast if you like. Smear two pieces with mayonnaise (Duke's!), and then top those slices with cold, crispy romaine lettuce.

Top the lettuce with the guanciale and, then add sliced tomatoes to the other pieces of bread.  Throw them together, and enjoy.