Good/Food: June Obsessions

June was a good month.  Are you ready for 4th of July?  I'm going to drink sangria by the pool and make an American Flag cake for my loved ones.  Here are the pieces of the Internet that have intrigued me this month.  Happy America Day!

I was recently listening to a podcast and the host said "there is nothing new under the sun."  What do y'all think?  Food52 just wrote this piece about how all of food media is the same thing just re-written and slightly adapted, which I think about all the time.  What is new to you?

I recently heard someone describe a white dude as having culturally appropriated another white dude's food. I was like, nah dude.  This Paste article is some good reading about the power structures in place that make the difference between adapting someone else's food and cultural appropriation.

A list of food threatened by global warming. DANGIT.  Check out last weeks post on improving mediocre peaches HERE.

I am a Durham girl and watching the city change has both delighted me and broken my heart.  This Instagram account posts historic pictures and short stories about how the spaces have changed over time.  A history lesson with your mindless scrolling.

This egg chart is so beautiful and inspiring.

I've been to nine of these restaurants and I'm hoping to explore more of them this summer, especially the Asheville and Raleigh spots.  North Carolina is fertile ground.