The best places in Hong Kong to eat alone

Hong Kong is, like many other cities, a little bit anonymous.  I have loved and hated that part of it, but I have never been anywhere where it is as easy and comfortable to eat alone as it is in Hong Kong.  Because apartments here basically suck, people don't really cook for themselves all that much.  People eat out more often here than anywhere else I've ever lived - it isn't so much of a celebration as it is just how life works.  As a result, the restaurant culture is one that is much more accepting of solo diners.  

Western-style restaurants won't do this, but in a lot of more Chinese-style spots, they'll seat you with other solo diners.  I find this to be both awkward and nice because there's no weirdness or people staring because you're alone.  Good stuff.  It also means that the waiters and waitresses are far less likely to rush you out.

I also just believe in the power of eating alone.  We should eat what we want to eat when we want to eat it and not wait for a date.  I can promise you that eating alone in any of these restaurants is better than 99.9% of all first dates I've been on.

Chino - I've been talking about Hong Kong since I first went there in February.  It's Mexican-Japanese fusions from a former Noma chef.  They have creative, tasty tequila cocktails and a bar where you can sit and watch the chefs and bartenders do their thing, which makes for a great source of entertainment when eating alone (or with someone else, actually).  I recommend the katifi shrimp, pictured below.

Kennedy Town Pier - Even though Hong Kong is, you know, an island, there aren't that many places where you can actually walk right along the waterfront on the main island.  The Kennedy Town Pier, also known as Instagram Pier, is one of the best and only places where you can walk uninterrupted along the water with a view of Kowloon.  One of my favorite solo-meals was a banh mi from here or sushi from here taken to go and eaten by the water.

sushi by the sea must be fresh, right?

sushi by the sea must be fresh, right?

Chau Kee - Chau Kee has several non-traditional dim sum dishes that I love, but obviously dim sum isn't ideal for eating alone.  I love their fried turnip cakes stir fry situation for a meal all to myself.  It's crispy and creamy and a little spicy and generally a perfect fried combination of flavors.  Go get it.

北方餃子源 - This place obviously has a Chinese name that I cannot pronounce or translate but I do understand that they have delicious dumplings and amazing spicy Szechuan noodles.  It's very Chinese-style and the service is fast and efficient but the food is both delicious and affordable.

Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre (and others) - On the top floor of most Cooked Food centers is the actual cooked food.  The Sheung Wan center has some of the best Hong Kong-style French toast I've ever had, and no one will look at you funny for eating alone (because they are too).  Type cooked food center into your google maps and you're likely to be no more than about a mile from one anywhere you go on Hong Kong island.

Do you ever eat alone?  What do you have and where do you go?