Good/Food: Crook's Corner and More

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Things have been quieter in this neck of the Internet recently because of a small event in November.  I've been struggling with how to use this space in a way that feels important, but now I'm in Hong Kong and I can feel the fact that I am on the other side of the world.  I have written previously about why I think food is an important political tool, so I'm not going to stop writing and talking and yelling about cheese, pasta and tacos.  Read my last post about that here

Like everyone ever, I am constantly searching for way to make my life's goals feel big and important.  Most of my friends are policy majors (no, really, like...almost all of them) and I worry a lot that my own liberal-est of liberal arts degree isn't going to cut it when the shit hits the fan.  (That's now.  The shit is currently hitting the fan.)

I'm going to start doing posts like this of food-related political coverage.  I'm calling it Good/Food. Here goes.  Let's do some good and eat some food.

It is hard to feel the impact of some of the recent policy changes from this side of the world.  I've been feeling like it was far away until I recently had a conversation with a Malaysian student here at HKU who was supposed to go to the US for an exchange.  She went to the US embassy a few weeks ago, though, and they rescinded her visa.  They apparently told her she was under "further investigation."  Y'all.  Malaysia is a Muslim country.  I basically went cross-eyed when she told me about this and started apologizing profusely.  It is an embarrassing time to be an American abroad.  I'm trying to fight back.

Bill Smith (the chef at Crooks Corner) recently started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to take care of the Mexican immigrants who work in his kitchen (and their families) in case the worst happens.  I made a donation to the page as soon as I saw it.  Crooks is one of many restaurants in the area that is kept open by the labor of immigrants, but this is the only campaign of this kind that I have seen.  I've been making donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, but the legislation regarding ICE and immigrants has made me reconsider whether those donations are enough.  They are wonderful national organizations, but if you're in the Triangle area, you know that immigrants, mostly Mexican, are making your food every time you go out.  If you're skeptical, go eat some fried oysters at the Crook's Corner bar and I think you'll be moved to action. (I'm still donating to PP and the ACLU, for the record.)

Food52's Letter from the Editor "Our Answer to 'Politics Don't Belong in Food52'".  A) This website is run by women who have built it into a bad-ass business.  B) This essay is so good and inspiring and says everything I want to say better than I can say it so just read their words.

Bon Appetit's latest issue is dedicated to Second Generations Chefs.  Read it, subscribe to the magazine, get on board with the movement.  I believe in supporting companies that support my values.

I'm a black food writer.  Here's why we need more like me.  I am a white, female food writer.  Here (this website) is why we don't need more like me.  This guy cuts right to the point.  Let's be better.

Julia Turshen is cooking large amount of food from her cookbook in weekly political organizing events, plus posting cute pictures of her wife and dogs.  I want to be more like her.  Following her on Instagram will probably make you a better person.