German Junk Food, reviewed

I LOVE SNACKS.  I'm currently traveling with a group of friends and named myself the snack princess because I think about them often and am concerned about having contingency snacks because apparently being hungry is my worst nightmare.

I also LOVE GROCERY STORES.  Probably because they are full of snacks.  I can't really go to Trader Joe's that often because I'm basically sent into a frenzy of excitement and will buy zero percent of the things I intended to buy and 100% of the snack and frozen food aisle.

And so here is my first edition of grocery store exploration abroad.  Here are some fun things I bought at a grocery store in Berlin and what my fellow experts and I thought of them.

Lorenz Pommels Creme Fraiche

Our resident french speaker informed us that pommes is french for french fried and so these are like...pretending to be related to french fries.  They're not. They're good though.

Please notice that at the bottom description says something in German which appears to be translated to say "crispy loose potato snacks".  It remains unclear what exactly is loose about these snacks but they are indeed crispy and a little bit potato-related.

Snack-checker Liv ate one and seemed ambivalent.  Then, she ate another and said "I could see how I could get into these."  She then finished the bag in approximately 23 minutes.  

If you're abroad and missing sour cream and onion, these are definitely comparable.  Creme fraiche is the fancy version of sour cream and onion.

Liv, as discussion continues: "I don't even like these and i can't stop eating them"

Snack-checker Brady: "Boy am i glad i tried this."

Snack-checker Lindsey: "I'm not a fan of these.  I'm more of a salt and vinegar kind of girl.  It just reminds me of like binge-watching bad rom coms after a break up."

Liv: "These are so good, this is horrible."

Liv: "These are like the bachelorette.  You hate yourself for loving them but I love them."

Brady "I feel literally like a dog eating this."

Proviant Berlin Rhabarberlimonade and BioZisch Ginger Life

The back wall of one of the grocery stores closest to our flat was completely dedicated to fancy drinks.  Juices, sodas, anything you could think of was there.  Berlin appears to be really into fancy sodas and I am also into that.  I was very into Ginger Life, but it was quickly pointed out to me that I'm into everything ginger and it would therefore be shocking if I wasn't into this particular ginger item.

Luckily for me, Berliners are also really into ginger stuff.  Ginger beer, which is very difficult to find in the states, was available everywhere and I was in heaven.

Liv described the Rhabarberlimonade (Rhubarb lemonade) as pure delight.  What more could you want?  Both were not too sweet and would have been good mixed together or as a mixer with a liquor of your choice.

In conclusion: If you go to Berlin, grab some fancy sodas and sample them in a park.


Alnatura Dinkel Frischei Waffeln

Firstly, you should know there were four in the package and Lindsey ate three within 10 minutes of the package being opened.  These were a hit.

They definitely tasted like dessert, cakey and sweet, but I expected that since Europeans have apparently drawn their breakfast line to NOT include waffels, and instead stuck them in the dessert section which I think was irresponsible.

When we toasted them, they reminded me of what you kind of wish that Eggos were but simply are not.  They got a nice crispy outside with a soft inside. We were into it.  

Lindsey would have eaten all of them but I hid the last one and ate it for breakfast dipped in my coffee because I'm American and Germany can't control me.

Here are some thoughts about what it means for a food to me organic, as these waffles are:

Me:  "These are organic"

Brady:  "They don't taste organic."

Me:  "Yeah they do, they taste great and delicious."

Brady:  "I thought organic stuff was supposed to taste bad and kind of like oats."

Milka schokoverfurung

These were purchased because 1) my friend group actually loves to make cakes from boxed mixes, 2) it was a birthday, 3) because they came with little cupcake tins that could bake them in without actually having any baking equipment, and 4) because look at the picture on that box.

These weren't good.  I would not recommend.  We actually tried them twice and both times they were spongey and rubbery and did not have a middle like the one in the photo.

The experience of baking them, on the other hand, was worth the trouble because we speak no german and still felt completely confident that we could figure out the directions.  Which we did.  I think. Maybe thats why they were so bad. 

The point is, don't believe Milka.  They're a company that makes chocolate and apparently do not excel at making cake mixes.  Stick to the bars, y'all.