Food Resolutions for 2016

bonus resolution:  for you to sign up for my sweet weekly emails at the bottom of this page.  a resolution you can actually keep.

  • Learn to cook with preserved lemons, fennel and miso.  (Trends: I'm 100 years late but still apparently trying. Is that more or less embarrassing than if i just ignored them altogether?  Hard to say.
  • Take myself out for dinner more often. 
  • Cook dinner from a recipe with an unfamiliar ingredient once a week. 
  • Learn to make biscuits that do not double as hockey pucks. (Harder than I thought, y'all.)
  • Drink more tea. (Side note:  what are your favorite teas?)
  • Perfect my simultaneous dancing and cooking skills. 
  • Season my cast iron skillet better!
  • Cook my favorite people's favorite foods for them. (This resolution is also known as squeezing as much love out of people as I possibly can.)
  • Eat more dumplings!
  • Go on more weekend trips and outings - food related or not.  But, like, they will probably be food related. So there is that.