2015: The Year in Food

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Apparently it is once again the time of year when we all have to dive deep into our psyche to  retrieve memories which we intended to never relive in order to extract some meaning from the past twelve months.  Here's what I extracted.

One of my friends recently told me that her family picks a word to describe each year.  My word this year was pasta. Just kidding.  Kind of.

Here's the month-by-month breakdown.

January: The bread and butter appetizer at Acme on my birthday.  No photo, but it was unlike any other bread and butter I've ever had and I believe I told the waitress I wanted to spread it on my face so I would never age.  It was that good.

February: roasted sprout flowers with super secret sauce concoction with an old friend on a cold night.  We discussed growing up, dropping out of college to write a cookbook, and ate this with our fingers.  I walked home in the snow thinking about this blog.

february was a cozy month.

february was a cozy month.

March: a 1pm breakfast on a South Carolina porch.  Possibly the exact location of the transition to freshman year friendship (read: i will probably forget you in 5 years) to real friendship (read: I will show up at your doorstep in 5 years) with three special ladies.

April: A special meal at Crook's Corner where I realized how grateful I am to be a southern girl.

May: Buffalo (bufala) milk gelato, cappucino, brioche, cannoli and yogurt at Vannulo in southern Italy.  So good, I wasn't even the only one who cried.  If you're wondering why bufala milk is the true nectar of the gods, the answer is because it has twice as much fat and twice as much lactose.  Plus Italians just get it.

June: an absolutely perfect pasta al'amatriciana on my last night in Rome.  Let's just say I was supposed to share it. (spoiler alert:  I did not.)

y'all.  I'm working on recreating.  chill.

y'all.  I'm working on recreating.  chill.

July: First, Turkish breakfast - a 3 course experience - at my favorite cafe in Istanbul.  The first time, I went alone and read my book and basked in the turkish sun and my extraordinary luck for finding myself there.  The next 3 times, it was with my mom and I basked in her glory.  Part two of July was rice stuffed stuffed street oysters on the Bosphorus.  (Before you ask, no I did not get sick.)

August:  The first batch of chocolate chip cookies I made in my new house in Chapel Hill.  A house is not a home until you bake chocolate chip cookies in it.  Scientific fact.

September: On one of the first fall-chilly mornings, three of my friends manically called me on their way to the grocery store demanding that I come with them and help make breakfast.  We made this brown sugar broiled bacon on a Sunday morning and drank coffee and talked about nothing, simultaneously avoiding homework and the rest of our lives.

October:  Whenever we visit my dad's family out in Escondido, CA, we eat ungodly large donuts from Peterson's Donut Corner.  These donuts will give me diabetes but they nourish my heart and soul.  I prefer the apple fritters and watching my cousin's children go to town.

Clearly a relative of mine.

Clearly a relative of mine.

November: What has become an annual celebration of Thanksgiving with my friends, where we pack a ridiculous number of people into my house in order to celebrate each other.  That's the real point of thanksgiving.

approximately 37 crescent rolls were consumed.

approximately 37 crescent rolls were consumed.

December:  Butternut squash and farro risotto from a family friend who brought it to nurse my mother, and our whole family, back to health after 6 scary days of health concerns.  My mom is fine now and I'm pretty sure it is 93% because of that farro.  Recipe to come, obviously.

What are the best things you ate this year?  Can I have the recipes?

See you in 2016, friends!